Cold Turkey
(Recorded live at the Varsity Stadium, Toronto, 13 September 1969)
John Lennon

"This is a new song that, John wrote"
"And we´ve never done this number before so best of luck.
It´s called ´Cold Turkey´"

The temperature's risin´
Fever is high
Can't see no future
Can't see no sky.

Feet are so heavy
So is my head
I wish I was a baby
I wish I was dead.

Cold turkey has got me on the run.

Body is aching
Goose-pimple bone
Can't see nobody
Leave me alone.

Eyes are wide open
So is my head
There´s one thing I´m sure of
I'm in at the deep freeze.

Cold turkey has got me on the run.

Thirty-six hours
Rolling in pain
Praying to someone
Free me again.

Oh I'll be a good boy, make, make me well
I´ll give you anything, get me out of this hell.

Well cold turkey has got me on the run.

Oh oh oh ...

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