Steel And Glass
John Lennon

"My wall collapsed."
"Well itīs up to you!"
"Okay, eight!" "Ba ba ba, okay. Are you ready, Klaus? You old boogie you!"
"Alright, well, ok, let me then tune in with it ..."

There you stand with your L.A. tan
And your New York walk and your New York talk
Your mother left you when you was small
But you're gonna wish you wasn't born at all.

Steel and glass
Steel and glass

Your phone don't ring, no one answers your call
How does it feel to be off the wall, hey?

Your mouthpiece squawks
As he spreads your lies
But you can't pull strings when your hands are tied.

Your teeth are clean
But your mind is capped
You leave your smell like an alley cat.

Steel and glass
Steel and glass
Steel and glass
Steel and glass.

Now now ...

"Stay in A!"
"Ok, ok, ok, well, that was the same as the last one!"
"It was better!"
"Better? Oh my God, itīs better is it?"

©Lennon Music/ATV Music Corp.