Beatles´ bootlegs

The Recording Sessions: Volume 1

front cover
Label: THE EARLY YEARS, 02-CD-3305, 1989

  1. OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA {Lennon-McCartney} (2:50)
    A different version of this "WHITE ALBUM" track, Recorded July 5th,1968.
  2. CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE AGAIN {Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starkey} (1:00)
    Part of the "1967 BEATLES FAN CLUB CHRISTMAS MESSAGE", recorded November 28th, 1967.
  3. NOT GUILTY {Harrison} (4:23)
    The Beatles version of a song, which surfaced more than ten years later on a George Harrison solo album
    This track was left off the "WHITE ALBUM", Recorded August 12th, 1968. Guitars rule OK!
  4. 12-BAR-ORIGINAL {Harrison-Lennon-McCartney-Starkey-Martin} (3:50)
    The same goes for this "song".
    The Beatles play the blues, man, as recorded, November 4th, 1965 during "RUBBER SOUL" sessions.
  5. DAY TRIPPER {Lennon-McCartney} (1:58)
    A first try at "DAY TRIPPER", October 16th, 1965.
  6. BAD TO ME {Lennon-McCartney} (1:28)
    A nice John Lennon demo of this song which was a hit for Billy J. Kramer + The Dacotas
    The title was never recorded by The Beatles. March 1963, Dick James Publishing Studio.
  7. YES IT IS {Lennon-McCartney} (2:51)
    Take 1 of this song, February 16th, 1965.
  8. TICKET TO RIDE {Lennon-McCartney} (3:19)
    This is the single version, but with full ending, February 15th, 1965.
  9. And now four versions of "STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER", which give a good insight in
    how this song developed from an innocent "folksong" into the monstrous masterpiece we all know.

  10. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Demo) {Lennon-McCartney} (2:38)
    A rough Lennon demo, just he and his electric guitar, November 1966, John´s home!
  11. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 1) {Lennon-McCartney} (2:37)
    The first take of that song as recorded by Beatles, November 24th, 1966. Still quiete simple.
  12. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 6) {Lennon-McCartney} (3:46)
    The "guitar" version of that song is just one take away from being finished, November 29th,1966.
    But John Lennon changed his mind, he wanted to record his song differently, so George Martin had to write a score for orchestra, which became...
  13. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 25) {Lennon-McCartney} (3:25) absolutely stunning arrangement, recorded December 15th, 1966.
  14. ONE AND ONE IS TWO {Lennon-McCartney} (1:52)
    On to simpler things again.
    A Paul McCartney demo of a song never recorded by The Beatles, given away to Mike Shannon and The Strangers, 1964.
  15. SHOUT {Lennon-McCartney} (1:56)
    This song was pre-recorded for a TV Special "Around The Beatles" at The BBC Studios, April 19th, 1964.
  16. GOODBYE {Lennon-McCartney} (2:21)
    A Paul McCartney demo for Mary Hopkins, February 1968, Apple Studios.
  • CD total playing time 40:15

  • John Paul
    Ringo George