Beatles´ bootlegs

The Recording Sessions: Volume 2

front cover
Label: THE EARLY YEARS, 02-CD-3306, 1989

  1. GET BACK {Lennon-McCartney} (2:00)
    Recorded January 1969 at TWICKENHAM FILM STUDIOS during teh "LET IT BE" sessions. A faster, rawer version.
  2. ONE AFTER 909 (Take 4) {Lennon-McCartney} (2:53)
    An early version of the song. Absolutely different to the released version
    Recorded at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS, March, 5th, 1963.
  3. REVOLUTION {Lennon-McCartney} (3:46)
    Recorded during rehearsals for the "WHITE ALBUM" at George´s home in May, 1968.
  4. SHE´S A WOMAN (Take 7) {Lennon-McCartney} (5:37)
    A long take of that song, complete with "freak-out" ending, ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS, October, 8th, 1964.
  5. OH, I NEED YOU {Unknown} (1:33)
    A completely unreleased song. A very melodic lovesong to Yoko, sung by John. Quite the opposite to...
    Note: Bullshit! Fake. Probably not The Beatles.
  6. I WANT YOU(SHE´S SO HEAVY) {Lennon-McCartney} (4:23)
    Which is sung here by Paul for change. Both tracks were recorded at TRIDENT STUDIOS, February, 2nd, 1969.
    Note: Fake?
  7. WHAT´S THE NEW MARY JANE {Lennon-McCartney} (6:44)
    Of The Beatles, only John and George collaborate together on this, an unreleased gem from the "WHITE ALBUM" sessions.
    Recorded at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS, August, 14th, 1968. A very experimental piece of music, from which it was only a small step to "REVOLUTION 9".
  8. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE {Lennon-McCartney} (3:43)
    A different mix, no animal noises and harmony vocals this time, but backwards guitars instead
    Very psychedelic! Recorded at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS, February, 4th, 1968
  9. HEATHER {McCartney} (1:52)
    This unreleased song was recorded during the "WHITE ALBUM" sessions.
    August 1968, Paul playing this song to Donovan.
  10. NORWEGIAN WOOD (Take 1) {Lennon-McCartney} (2:00)
    An early take of that song, ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS, October, 21st, 1965.
  11. SUSY PARKER {Lennon-McCartney-Harrison_Starkey} (1:57)
  12. WATCHING RAINBOWS {Lennon-McCartney} (2:36)
    Both songs are unreleased. Taped during "LET IT BE" sessions at TWICKENHAM FILM STUDIOS, January 1969.
  13. HELLO GOODBYE {Lennon-McCartney} (4:37)
    An early backing track of that song. Recorded at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS, October, 2nd, 1967.
  14. TEDDY BOY {McCartney} (3:44)
    A Beatles version of this song, from Paul McCartney´s first solo album.
    ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS, January, 24th, 1969.
  15. CATSWALK {McCartney} (1:06)
    An unreleased instrumental, later given to Chris Barber. ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS March, 5th, 1963..
  • CD total playing time 48:37

  • John+George+Ringo Ringo
    John+George Paul+John+George