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The Recording Sessions: Volume 4

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Label: THE EARLY YEARS, 02-CD-3325, 1990

  1. GET BACK {Lennon-McCartney} (2:38)
    And yet another take of "GET BACK" at the same day as the hit-single-version, January 27th, 1969 at TWICKENHAM FILM STUDIOS during the "LET IT BE" sessions.
  2. AERIAL TOUR INSTRUMENTAL {Lennon-McCartney-Harrison_Starkey} (2:04)
    This was the original title of the "MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR" track "FLYING"
    The basic track is already the same as on the released version, but differently mixed with more overdubs added.
    And whatīs more, towards the end the song leads into jazzy, saxophone tune, familiar to those who own George Harrisonīs "WONDERFUL" LP. Recorded September 8, 1967.
  3. LOVE OF THE LOVED {Lennon-McCartney} (1:46)
    This is one of the three Lennon/McCartney originals The Beatles recorded with Pete Best still on drums, during an audition for DECCA RECORDS on January 1th, 1962
    All three tracks featured on this CD were left off for one reason or another, from previous released "DECCA AUDITION TAPE COMPILATIONS"
    The song itself was later given away to Cilla Black.
  4. HONEY DONīT {Perkins} (2:55)
    An early take, taken from the "BEATLES FOR SALE" sessions, October 26th, 1964.
  5. COME AND GET IT {McCartney} (2:26)
    This song was taped as a demo for BADFINGER in less than an hour on July 24th, 1969 by Paul McCartney alone
    No other beatle contributed to this recording. A remarkable effort!

  6. MEAN MR. MUSTARD {Lennon-McCartney} (1:50)
    An early rehearsal of this "ABBEY ROAD" track, recorded during "LET IT BE" session at TWICKENHAM FILM STUDIOS, early January, 1969.
  7. I ME MINE {Harrison} (1:40)
    This song was recorded on the last-ever Beatles recording session on January 3rd, 1970(without John Lennon, who had left the group already, although unofficially in autumn 1969).
  8. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS {Lennon-McCartney} (2:52)
    Basically the same as the released version, but a different mix with all the tape loops and backwards and feedback guitars much louder, very strange.
    Recorded April 6th, 1966.

    What follows are three excerpts from John and Paulīs composing tapes recorded at their homes,(Weybridge and St. Johnīs Wood) with acoustic guitar and mellotron, between 1966 and 1968.

  10. BECAUSE {Lennon-McCartney} (2:16)
    For this "ABBEY ROAD" track, John, Paul and George recorded(on August, 1th and 4th, 1969) three tracks of wonderful three-part harmonies so that they had a nine-part harmony in the end.
    Here you have the chance to hear these beautiful harmony vocals pure and clear, almost a-capella, with only a bit og guitar(a guide) coming through their headphones.
  11. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER {Lennon-McCartney} (3:12)
  12. Two takes of "I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER". The first a breakdown from the "A HARD DAYīS NIGHT" session, February 26th, 1964.
  13. LIKE DREAMERS DO {Lennon-McCartney} (2:28)
    The second of three Lennon/McCartney compositions recorded on the audition for DECCA , January 1st, 1962.
  14. TWO OF US {Lennon-McCartney} (1:58)
    A faster, rocking version of that "LET IT BE" track, recorded during the first two weeks of January 1969 at TWICKENHAM FILM STUDIOS.
  15. A CASE OF THE BLUES {Lennon} (2:23)
    This song, never released or recorded by The Beatles, was nevertheless taped by John Lennon at his home in Weybridge in his "beatle-period" in 1968, so thatīs why it is included here.
  16. EVERY LITTLE THING {Lennon-McCartney} (1:53)
    Another "BEATLES FOR SALE" session recording, September 29th, 1964
  17. STEP INSIDE LOVE {Lennon-McCartney} (2:17)
    This is admited by a very bad quality recording, but it seams to be the only existing tape of that beautiful Lennon/McCartney tune.
    We have put it here for the sake of history recorded by Paul(double-tracking himself) in late 1967.
  18. HELLO LITTLE GIRL {Lennon-McCartney} (1:35)
    The third Lennon/McCartney composition from those infamous "DECCA SESSIONS".
    Like the former two, also this song was never released or re-recorded by The Beatles but given away to another Mersey beat band THE FOURMOST.
  19. REPRISE: GET BACK(GEHī RAUS) {Lennon-McCartney} (2:15)
    At last a reprise of "GET BACK" in which Paul McCartney demonstrates his love for the German language once again.
    Note: In my opinion just parody.
    Another recording from January 27th, 1969. GEHī RAUS - what a way to close this CD!
  • CD total playing time 42:07

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