Beatles´ bootlegs

All Too Much

front cover
Label: Rarities on CD, 93-BE-21273, 1993(Made In Canada)

  1. My Bonnie(Mein Herz Ist Dir Nur) (2:46)
    Stereo version with German introduction.
  2. Thank You Girl (2:04)
    Stereo version containing three extra harmonica fills.
  3. Money (2:49)
    Stereo version with echo and alternate piano, introduction without hand claps.
  4. All My Loving (2:07)
    Stereo version with five hi-hat cymbal inroduction.
  5. Sie Liebt Dich (2:16)
    Stereo version.
  6. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand (2:22)
    Stereo version with various screams, shouts and talk over intro.
  7. I´ll Cry Instead (2:03)
    Stereo version with the first verse repeated before tha last verse.
  8. And I Love Her (2:30)
    Stereo version featuring Paul´s lead vocal double tracked, and then triple tracked for the chorus with the ending guitar riff repeated 6 times.
  9. Slow Down (2:49)
    Stereo version, different lead vocal than the mono version, (includes John shouting ´Ow´ just before the last few bars).
  10. She´s A Woman (2:57)
    Stereo version, mixed with additional reverb and Paul sings "She´s A Woman" three times in the fade out.
  11. I Feel Fine (2:20)
    Stereo version mixed with additional reverb and has mysterious whispering at beginning.
  12. Help (2:32)
    Stereo version with James Bond intro.
  13. I´m Looking Through You (2:29)
    Stereo version with two false starts.
  14. I´m Only Sleeping (2:55)
    Mono version. Extra backwards guitar during third verse.
  15. Tomorrow Never Knows (2:55)
    Mono version. Fewer of the various tape loops are present and they fade completely in and out of the track.
  16. Sgt. Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band/reprise (3:12)
    Mono version. Reprise features John´s background comment before Paul´s count in and crowd laughter during drumbeat opening.
  17. She´s Leaving Home (3:19)
    Mono version. Plays in a higher key than the stereo version.
  18. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite (2:30)
    Mono version. Contains more tape loops after "Henry The Horse Dances The Waltz".
  19. Penny Lane (2:58)
    Stereo version with the seven note trumpet ending.
  20. I Am The Walrus("No Your Not" said little Nicola) (4:35)
    Stereo version includes the organ intro repeated six times and the extra measure after "I´m Crying".
  21. All You Need Is Love (3:45)
    Stereo version. Alternate mix features John´s lead vocal predominantly up front.
  22. Happiness Is A Warm Gun (2:42)
    Mono version cantains background tapping from start of the song until drum intro. The bass is mixed louder than the stereo version and has laughter before the final drumbeat.
  23. Why Don´t We Do It In The Road? (1:40)
    Mono version with no hand clapping in the introduction.
  24. Hey Bulldog (3:08)
    Stereo version alternate mix. The bass is mixed to center and right & left channels are reversed.
  25. The Beatle´s Movie Medley (4:00)
    Stereo version.

  • CD total playing time 71:45

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