-unfinished dialogue-

Heart Play - unfinished dialogue
Released: 1983
Recorded: late summer and the fall 1980
Engineered by: Michael Barbiero at Studio One
Mastered by: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
A portion of the profits from "Heart Play" is to be donated to Spirit Foundation
Label: POLYDOR 817 238-1

These conversations with John and Yoko took place in the late summer and the fall of 1980. The background noises set the scenes: early morning talks in the Lennon´s kitchen with John running back and forth making tea, afternoon walks along Central Park West, late nights in the recording studio, evenings sitting at a sidewalk cafe in the rain. The recordings were made for a documentary on the Lennons and for Playboy interview. Listen!

Tyto rozhovory mezi Johnem a Yoko probíhaly na konci léta a na podzim roku 1980. Zvuky v pozadí navozují atmosféru míst, kde k nim docházelo: časné ranní rozhovory v jejich kuchyni s Johnem napouštějícím vodu pro přípravu čaje, odpolední procházky podél západního Central parku, pozdní nahrávací frekvence ve studiu, večerní posezení v dešti na zahrádce pouliční kavárny. Tyto nahrávky bylo vytvořeny jednak jako dokument na zakázku pro Lennonovi a dále jako materiál pro interview s magazínem Playboy. Poslouchejte!

  1. SECTION ONE (6:30)
    John talks about what Double Fantasy and Milk & Honey meant to us. John and Yoko. "This is just a beginning". That´s how we felt.
  2. SECTION TWO (13:43)
    A revolutionary, funny and honest account of a rocker's experience as a house-husband and a father, and his sympathy for housewives through his experience. "Sean is my biggest pride", he says with a sweet lull in his voice I remember well, expressing man's tenderness.
  3. SECTION THREE (0:55)
    John is happy and proud that, at forty, songs still flow out of him with ease. It was especially true in 1980. He felt that the songs were given to him from above and said a quick thank you, thank you, thank you, whenever he was inspired with a song.
  4. SECTION FOUR (4:39)
    Break-up with the Beatles and his constant pursuit of spiritual freedom throughout his life. That's John
  5. SECTION FIVE (6:04)
    Our meeting at Indica Gallery and after. He makes some insightful comments on men and women relationships which may be useful to other couples.
  6. SECTION SIX (4:06)
    The Beatles, John and Yoko, and how "the world had it all wrong". His voice just barely hides his anger and pain of isolation and the struggle we went through for over ten years with the world, as a couple, artists, and as two people.
  7. SECTION SEVEN (6:04)
    "The future is ours to see". He goes on to Gandhi and Martin Luther King. "What does it mean when you're such a pacifist that you get shot? I can never understand that". We hear "Woman" playing in the background and John's voice singing "I love you" as I'm trying to say, "It wasn't so bad, you know". This is not theatre, this is life - it happened while we were busy doing something else. Somebody up there must have thought that I could take all this, but nobody told me there'd be days like these.
John is funny, quick and wise throughout the record. That´s just John. He had so much to say, so much to share. He was genuinely concerned about the human race and believed that we will someday "get there".

Thank you, John, for a beautiful life together