Milk And Honey


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Back cover of The Milk And Honey booklet

Producer: Yoko Ono
Project Co-ordinator: Allan Rouse
Remaster Engineers: Paul Hicks, sean Maggee
Audio Restoration: Simon Gibson, Remastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, England 2010
Sleeve notes by Paul Du Noyer
Additional Photography: Allan Tannenbaum, Nishi F.Saimaru Lilo Raymond, Jack Mitchel, Kishin Shinoyama, Lenono Photo Archive
Art direction by Yoko Ono
Design by Peacock
Artwork Co-ordinator: Karla Merrifield
Photo research: Xilonen Oreshnick
Project management by Timothy Ryan, Jane Ventom, Kris Perera and Guy Hayden

  1. Iīm Stepping Out{Lennon}(4:07)
  2. Sleepless Night{Yoko Ono}(2:34)
  3. I Donīt Wanna Face It{Lennon}(3:22)
  4. Donīt Be Scared{Yoko Ono}(2:45)
  5. Nobody Told Me{Lennon}(3:34)
  6. O' Sanity{Yoko Ono}(1:06)
  7. Borrowed Time{Lennon}(4:29)
  8. Your Hands{Yoko Ono}(3:04)
  9. (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess{Lennon} (2:25)
  10. Let Me Count The Ways{Yoko Ono}(2:17)
  11. Grow Old With Me{Lennon}(3:09)
  12. You Are The One{Yoko Ono}(3:57)