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A New Collection Of Previously Unheard Mixes And Isolations

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Label: ???

  1. I Want To Hold Your Hand (2:27)
    alternate stereo mix, no handclaps
  2. A Hard Day´s Night (2:30)
    stereo mix, single tracked vocals, no fadeout
  3. Ticket To Ride (3:04)
    stereo mix, no tamburine, no fadeout
  4. Norwegian Wood (2:03)
    vocals and acoustic guitars only
  5. You Won´t See Me (3:24)
    stereo mix, single tracked b. vocals, no organ, no fadeout
  6. Think For Yourself (2:19)
    stereo mix, no fuzz guitar, no electric piano
  7. The Word (2:50)
    stereo mix, no fadeout
  8. Wait (2:13)
    stereo mix, no tamburine, no wah guitar, no vocal overdubs
  9. Run For Your Life (2:26)
    stereo mix, no fadeout
  10. Yellow Submarine (2:36)
    no brass or sound effects, full ending
  11. And Your Bird Can Sing (1:57)
    vocals and guitars only
  12. Fixing A Hole (2:27)
    vocals and guitars only
  13. She´s Leaving Home (3:27)
    vocals only
  14. Lovely Rita (2:43)
    vocals, guitar, piano and sound effects only
  15. Sgt. Peppers Reprise (1:22)
    stereo mix, no sound effects, clean ending
  16. All You Need Is Love (3:41)
    harpsichord, guide vocal, double bass, violin and more
  17. Hey Bulldog (3:22)
    alternate stereo mix, no fadeout
  18. Dear Prudence (4:02)
    guitars, tambourine, piano and vocals only, full ending
  19. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (4:44)
    acoustic guitar, spoons, tambourine and vocals only
  20. Don´t Let Me Down (3:33)
    vocals and guitars only
  21. Oh Darling (3:27)
    stereo mix, no guitar overdubs
  22. Here Comes The Sun (3:07)
    vocals, acoustic guitars and strings only
  23. Because (2:19)
    vocals and Moog only
  24. You Never Give Me Your Money (3:55)
    vocals, piano, guitars, tambourine and chimes only
  25. Sun King (1:35)
    vocals, organ and guitar only
  26. Polythene Pam (1:23)
    vocal, acoustic guitar and percussion only
  27. Golden Slumbers (3:05)
    orchestra and vocals only
  28. Love You! (0:47)
    vocals only
  29. The End (0:30)
    vocals and orchestra only

  • CD total playing time 77:18

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