Lennon: articles from newspapers and magazines

Lennon dips into holiday disco: BERMUDA SHORT, NME, late 1980
The Ballad Of John And Yoko, NME, late 1980
John Lennon: Images From New York, Record Collector, June 1995
THE LENNON LEGEND, Record Collector, December 2000
LENNON: Revolution In His Head, MOJO, May 2004
Day Tripper. Unseen! Lennon on holiday with the family in Bournemouth, MOJO
A day in the life...Hellīs Kitchen, October 24, 1974, MOJO
"My blue period", MOJO
The Great RockīNīRoll Swindle, MOJO
Beatles īGet Knottedī Bliss, WWW.WORDMAGAZINE.CO.UK, March 2009
West Side Story, MOJO
Interview With Yoko Ono, MOJO
99% True: John Lennon, wordmagazine.co.uk, December 2010