John Lennonīs bootlegs


Released: ???
Label: JL-70

  1. Mother (3:38)
    early take - guitar-based arrangement
  2. Mother (5:03)
    alternate mix of the released version - with additional rythm guitar and different "primal screams" at the end
  3. Hold On John (1:07)
    early run-through
  4. Hold On John (2:19)
    early take
  5. Hold On John (1:53)
    instrumental take
  6. I Found Out (3:57)
    alternate mix with additional bongo player
  7. Working Class Hero (4:21)
    here John playes the song in a folky guitar picking style
  8. Isolation (2:56)
    early take
  9. Remember (8:30)
    a hard driving John leads his fellow musicians(Klaus V. & Ringo) through a lenghty rehearsal(he actually plays the song twice in a row) at a faster pace. Incorporates unused song elements
  10. Remember (8:50)
    this take already sounds more like the "finished article". By this time, John still had no idea how to end this song. He later solved the problem by adding a line about Guy Fawkes day and an added "explosion". The funny noise that can be heard throughout this take is someone(Yoko?) playing a mouth organ(!) in order to "enhance" the rythm track. This idea was thankfully later abandoned.
  11. Love (2:26)
    just John singing and strumming his guitar
  12. Love (2:39)
    this time John uses a folky picking guitar style to accompany himself
  13. Love (3:12)
    the final arrangement now slowly comes into place with added piano playing by Phil Spector
  14. Love (3:05)
    now, like on the record, the song intro is solely played on piano
  15. Love (1:10)
    loose rehearsal with the whole band
  16. Well Well Well (5:55)
    rough mix
  17. Look At Me (2:52)
    early take
  18. God (3:29)
    early take with John playing guitar, accompanied by bass and drums
  19. My Mummyīs Dead (1:17)
    complete version
  20. RockīNīRoll Jam (10:54)
    during the recording sessions, John, Klaus V. & Ringo relax by playing some old RockīNīRoll numbers that they all know and love. Here are some excerpts: Thatīs Allright Mama/Glad All Over/Honey Donīt/Donīt Be Cruel/Hound Dog/?/Matchbox
  21. Youīre So Square (0:26)

  • Total playing time 1:19:59

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