Beatlesī bootlegs

The Sweetest Apples 1967-1970

Unpublished songs & alternative versions

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  1. Revolution (3:20)
    rough early mix
  2. Yer Blues (4:03)
    live on TV 11.12.68
  3. Not Guilty (4:26)
    white album outtake recorded 9.9.68(George on vocals)
  4. Lady Madonna (2:17)
    early different version
  5. Tomorrow Never Knows (2:56)
    early mix
  6. The Bus (0:44)
    unreleased song from the "Magical Mystery Tour" sessions
  7. Strawberry Fields Forever (2:40)
    first, different take
  8. Jealous Guy (4:07)
    completely different version of Johnīs later solo single
  9. Mucho Mungo/Mount Elgar (3:47)
    unreleased songs recorded in 1969; arrangements by John & Harry Nilsson
  10. Many Rivers To Cross (4:56)
    Johnīs version of the Jimmy-Cliff classic, recorded in 1970 with Ringo on drums
  11. How Do You Sleep (7:59)
    early studio live take, John solo
  12. Subterranean Homesick Blues (3:14)
    cover version of the Dylan-classic, arranged by John, featuring Ringo on drums
  13. One After 909 (3:02)
    completely different version from 1969
  14. Get Back (2:18)
    rare version sung in German and French
  15. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (1:53)
    unreleased song from the "Get Back" sessions
  16. The Walk (0:56)
    from an early acetate of "Get Back", nowhere else available
  17. Two Of Us (3:41)
    alternative version, John & Paul singing vocal harmonies
  18. Donīt Let Me Down (3:53)
    different, slow blues-version, featuring John on the majority of the vocal parts
  19. Save The Last Dance For Me (0:43)
    "Get Back" session, jam featuring uncredited guests
  20. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (2:43)
    never before released, totally different outtake version
  21. Strawberry Fields Forever (3:14)
    different, sleepy a-capella version
  22. Dig It (4:19)
    longer, faster and more rhytmic version
  23. Let It Be (4:02)
    early version in a gospel-mood
  24. Her Majesty (2:11)
    Get Back session

  • CD total playing time 77:08

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