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Ultra Rare Trax: Volume 5

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Label: THE SWINGIN´PIG, TSP-CD-035, 1989

We proudly present the rarest materials of THE BEATLES for real fans. This series contains some tracks which never appeared on any over & underground releases! Enjoy yourself to listen to it, and you´ll come to know THE BEATLES more deeply than ever!

  1. CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE AGAIN {Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starkey} (1:12)
    Recorded on November 28, 1967 for the Beatles fifth fan club Christmas record.
  2. BECAUSE {Lennon-McCartney} (2:19)
    Recorded on August 1 and August 4, 1969 during the "ABBEY ROAD" sessions.
    This track features just the beautiful harmony vocals of John, Paul and George, recorded three times to get magnificent vocal harmonies.
    During the breaks you can hear a guide electric guitar, coming in from the headphones!
  3. REVULUTION {Lennon-McCartney} (3:20)
    Recorded on July 10-12, 1968 during the "WHITE ALBUM" sessions.
    This is an early "rough" mix of the hard-rocking electric version,
    which was released on the B-side of the "HEY JUDE" single and did not appear on the album.
  4. I ME MINE {Harrison} (1:45)
    Recorded on January 3, 1970.
    This is the original short basic version as produced by George Martin.
    Phil Spector re-edited this song to get a 51 seconds longer version for the final "LET IT BE" album.
  5. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER {Lennon-McCartney} (3:09)
    Take 1, Recorded on November 24, 1966.
    A truly magnificent take of one of the Beatles´ best songs, completely different to the previously version.
  6. HEY JUDE {Lennon-McCartney} (5:39)
    Rehearsal take 9, Recorded on July 30, 1968.
  7. MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR {Lennon-McCartney} (2:36)
    Recorded on April 25-27, 1967.
    Different vocal tracks and overdubs compared to the previously released version.
  8. WHAT´S THE NEW MARY JANE? {Lennon-McCartney} (6:05)
    Previously unreleased song. Recorded on August 14, 1968 during the "WHITE ALBUM" sessions.
    Mixed by John Lennon in late 1969 from Take 4.
  9. LADY MADONNA {Lennon-McCartney} (2:15)
    Recorded on February 3 and 4, 1968.
    Early basic version without overdubbed bass and backing vocals.
  10. ONE AFTER 909 {Lennon-McCartney} (2:58)
    Recorded on September 4, 1962
    This version is different to the ones on "ULTRA RARE TRAX VOL.1" and "ULTRA RARE TRACKS VOL.4"!
  11. OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA {Lennon-McCartney} (5:00)
    CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE AGAIN {Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starkey}
    An early and previously unreleased version of "OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA".
    Recorded in July 1968, running into a short reprise of "CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE AGAIN"(see track 1 for details).
    Rumours go that this was planned as a B-side of "LEAVE MY KITTEN ALONE", but it remains unreleased until today!
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