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Ultra Rare Trax: Volume 6

front cover
Label: THE SWINGIN´PIG, TSP-CD-036, 1989

We proudly present the rarest materials of THE BEATLES for real fans. This series contains some tracks which never appeared on any over & underground releases! Enjoy yourself to listen to it, and you´ll come to know THE BEATLES more deeply than ever!

  1. COME AND GET IT {Lennon-McCartney} (2:31)
    Previously unreleased song by The Beatles.
    Recorded on July 24, 1969 by Paul in just one hour(!) as a demo for Badfinger.
  2. HOLD ME TIGHT {Lennon-McCartney} (2:38)
    Recorded on September 12, 1963 during the "WITH BEATLES" sessions.
    Different take to the previously released one.
  3. I´LL BE ON MY WAY {Lennon-McCartney} (2:01)
    Previously unreleased song, recorded in April 1963 for BBC.
  4. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER {Lennon-McCartney} (4:06)
    Take 7, Recorded on November 29, 1966.
    An overdubbed version of take 6, again this take is very interesting because completely different to the previously released ones.
    One of the finest Beatles songs, by the way...
  5. IT´S ALL TOO MUCH {Harrison} (2:29)
    Recorded on May 25/26, 1967.
    Alternate version with extra verse.
  6. 12 BAR ORIGINAL {Lennon-McCartney} (3:54)
    Previously unreleased instrumental from the "RUBBER SOUL" sessions.
    Recorded on November 4, 1965
  7. I HATE TO SEE {Lennon-McCartney} (1:03)
    Previously unreleased song, recorded sometimes during the "HEY JUDE" sessions in July/August 1968.
  8. SHE´S A WOMAN {Lennon-McCartney} (6:33)
    Take 7, Recorded on October 8, 1964.
    Extra long take, extended into a jam at the end.
  9. WHAT´S THE NEW MARY JANE? {Lennon-McCartney} (6:51)
    Early long mix of the previously unreleased song: recorded on August 14, 1968.
    Different to the version on "ULTRA RARE TRACKS Vol.5"!
  10. DIG IT {Lennon-McCartney} (8:19)
    Recorded on January 1969.
    The longest known versions of this song, lasting more than 8 minutes!
Collect ´em all!
  • CD total playing time 40:25

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